lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2009

What Irritates Teacher blackman

Everything basically. Even to see if your exempted.

miércoles, 22 de julio de 2009

Victory over Ignorancy

Let's put it like this: most people like to stay "safe and warm" in their cute little bubble. Should other visionaries waste their time and "spit" to get them out to reality? Whether are they worthy enough to know the world's truth? These are the times to make your future, much different from what it was thirty years ago. Genies, "maestros": that's what they were called in the 1700's -1800's. People who stepped centruries after them and brought new, fresh ideas to their insignificant world. People who covered and developed all the possible brain areas, from literature, to music and to the technologic and sciences. That was then. But what now? Are we too envyous to share our knowledge? Are we cowardly afraid to be different? Going out and developing social skills won't make you earn a masters degree on genetic biology with Sum Cum Laude honors. That's the inconvenient thruth of this world.

Meaningless, that's what we make our lives out. Yet a small perentage, still believe in a better tommorrow. They still go against the current, never show up on TV like Oprah and still leave a un-erasable mark on history itself. You don't need to be a privileged son to achieve the grandness, nor do you need to have forefathers with incredible capabilities. Why can't people understand that? I once tried to explain the need of better salaries to try, to even try to avoid corruption among the security force, or in more simpler words, the cops. They just didn't get it. By the paper they guide themselves, accepting corruption and easing their way through life. They study by other people's summaries, which is clearly stupid, for the person who wrote it takes advantage over the one who reads it but never knew a thing about what's written (a clear advantage)

There is a social war between us despicable humans. It is so clear, there is no need of explanation. So get your armour people. Strap yourselves, 'cause your by yourselves. Focus on what you like. Just take a sneak-peak on what I believe to achive when I become another citizen in this "republican and democratic" world:

- An engineer, focusing on new ways to move information from one device to another.

- Enter the MIT as an professor on a related subject of my doctorate.

- Accquire knowledge on C++ scripting, win commands and the mere programming of OS (operating systems)

- Keep up with a stable music band and publish at least three albums.

- Generate and Publish with Avaix Development, at least three full games for PC.

- Write two books: "The World of Westhnnor" and "The Time Bomb".

-Of course have a family.

- And if it were for the least, I will become one of the first person with implemented nanotechnology.

-For the family's sake, I will take care of my health to see my grandchildren grow.

And if you ever wondered, Im in sophomore year. I have already begun a dozen chapters on each book, composed more than fifteen songs in different instruments, learned Flash Actionscript and made hundreds of animations, writtten on two blogs (including this one and; and discovered how to render and create 3D worlds.

This short sneakpeak seems much, but it will stay little on me believe me. Get a better life?

I already have one.

lunes, 6 de julio de 2009

Avaix Development Home Page Launched

We are tired of hiding behind the curtain calls. We have formed a group that does not only produces music, but also flash games and distribuition of freeware and well-known movies, music and games.

Behind this are the creators of Avaix itself. We are deeply sorry if this post make you feel mad about how people go infringing into copyright and stuff. Well what can you say, all the archives are from other people who willingly "gave away" the products. WELL said: Copyright my foot. Lol.

This is the link to the Page:

Goodbye and so long!